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Proficiency testing program 2019

Publication: 16 January 2019
Additional info: 1 March 2019

In 2019, Air Quality Reference Centre inform its customers about the proficiency testing program for testing laboratories as follows:


type of PT

for testing laboratories measuring 
air quality 

for testing laboratories measuring
stationary source emissions 


9-27 September 2019

11-28 June 2019

(except on Fridays)


carbon-monoxide (CO)

sulphur-dioxide (SO2)

carbon-dioxide (CO2)

nitrogen-oxides (NOx)

sulphur-dioxide (SO2)

duration of the measurements

~ 20-25 hours

~ 6 hours

neccesary time

3 days

1 day

number of simultaneous measuring groups

max 5

max 4

distribution of PT items




PT program for testing laboratories measuring stationary source emissions will be same in 2019 and 2020!

Online registration is required, please use the following form: ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM


Information and registration:

Hungarian Meteorological Service
Department of Climate and Ambient Air
Air Quality Reference Centre - Office for Proficiency Testing

1181 Budapest, Gilice tér 39

coordinator:   Viktor Dézsi, head of department    e-mail: dezsi.v @ met.hu

contact:          Szabina Paulik                                e-mail: paulik.sz @ met.hu

Proficiency testing provider organisation accredited by NAH under No NAH-8-0004/2016.

Published: 04 March 2019 10:46:19